I’ve been writing about doing more with SmartOS and switching to it. The more I try it and look into it, the more I am interested in the operating system for my personal use. I have already deployed one lighter use server with it, and it was a pleasure. I will also be deploying one more that will likewise be somewhat lighter use. However, I will have to pause for my own personal server. It will be quite the job.

What is keeping me behind is I have not been satisfied with my backup plan on my current server. While I am migrating to SmartOS, I need to be certain that I have good backups. When that is in a comfortable position, I will move onward when I get some time…​the other element is a lack of time. :)

In the meantime as I correct my backups, I am also creating playbooks for everything that I do repeatably on my server. SmartOS was an excuse for me to beef up my Ansible playbooks for personal use. So instead of waiting, I will do some of those in the meantime. Recently, I created a system to sign my SSH certificates and regenerate new hostkeys for servers on creation. I also have about completed automating SSL certificate updates with Lego and playbooks to deploy my certificates. I also have a nearly-complete collection to handle setting up Nextcloud in a SmartOS zone.

Writing has not been a priority, as time as filled to the top with other projects. But hopefully I can return to this. I think I will have lost out on my 100 days to offload so I am throwing in the towel there :(