Somewhere around Firefox 120/121 I noticed my Firefox notifications were getting messed up. At first I didn’t see them, then I realized they were transparent and would freeze the part of the screen where the notification would appear until it eventually faded away. But It was hard to know when that was, so I would have to reload i3 constantly when I needed to access that part of the screen since I didn’t have any sort of x button to close out.

The Fix

Enter Firefox 123. Not sure what they changed, but in version 123 notifications started to pop up again…​and tile. So I would have half my screen tile out of nowhere because i3 treated it as a regular window. I was able to quickly run xprop and get the window’s information. I decided the best method in my case was to modify how i3 (I should note: version 4.23) treated "alert" windows as this is what the window role popped up as. So I added these two lines to my i3 config file:

for_window [window_role="alert"] floating enable
no_focus [window_role="alert"]

This made the alert windows float, and not focus since these windows were also drawing focus.

After that, things seem to be back to normal.

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